Yenra : Transportation : Satellite Asset Tracking : Shipping fleet trailer communications technology features sleek design, fast modem, and low power usage

Satellite Tracking

TransCore has developed a small, fast, and power efficient satellite-based asset tracking technology to expand opportunities within the trucking, rail, security and marine markets. At the heart of these innovations is a new core modem that reduces the size of the terminals and extends battery life from the usual three years up to seven years, doubling battery life of trailer tracking products on the market. By eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement or using unreliable and expensive rechargeable batteries, TransCore resolves a long-standing impairment to widespread adoption of un-tethered tracking applications.

Through this technical advancement, TransCore introduces two new GlobalWave satellite data communication terminals, one for basic tracking applications and one that enables both tracking and monitoring with a full suite of sensors. Both enable two-way, all-satellite, nationwide communication between fleet operators and assets. These satellite communication units have beneficial design modifications. The third-generation core modem yields faster response -- under a minute compared to some systems that can take as long as ninety minutes; efficient power management with less battery drain; and integrated GPS. The streamlined design makes for the lowest height profile of any unit on the market, reducing the height to just above three quarters of an inch, making it less visually obvious and reducing the potential for theft or dismantling. Reduced power usage comes through the longest battery life on the market, increasing battery life from the usual three years up to seven years, and ultimately reducing the number of times equipment is taken out of use for maintenance or additional expense associated with rechargeable batteries.

The system can be installed in under ten minutes on loaded or unloaded trailers. It interfaces with leading transportation management software providers.

TransCore acquired GlobalWave satellite technology last year. The new terminals will link fleet owners to their assets via the GlobalWave satellite network. The system allows users to monitor, manage, track and communicate with remote and mobile assets from a Web interface. With six ground control stations providing service to five continents, the GlobalWave network supports more than forty thousand installed mobile terminals worldwide.

The GlobalWave mobile data communication terminals allow short control or text messages to be sent between a central location and dispersed mobile assets over a satellite network with nationwide coverage. Fleet operators interact with their tagged assets using familiar computer programs and interfaces. The base terminal is the tracking only solution. The sensor-enabled terminal may be used in conjunction with a wide range of GlobalWave sensors for remote, up-to-date access to information such as loaded/empty status, cargo temperature, tire inflation, status and other critical data.

Both terminals are extraordinarily low-profile and designed to become an integral part of the asset for an inconspicuous appearance. These terminals will also withstand extreme weather conditions for external mounting. The geographic location of either type of terminal can be determined by GlobalWave's integrated GPS. Operating characteristics can be changed remotely.

TransCore implemented the nation's first electronic toll system and freight-matching network.