Yenra : Autos : Tramontana : Limited production handmade luxury sports car from Spain is crafted with fine materials and powered by a 500HP V12 engine


The new a.d. Tramontana luxury sports car has been developed in Spain with a combination of the philosophy of hand-craftsmanship and aeronautical engineering. Seeing this vehicle on main street, however, will not be easy, as the company will produce only twelve units a year -- and each will cost 600 thousand dollars. The Tramontana combines exclusivity and differentiation with the best materials and a handmade production.


The Tramontana design recovers long-forgotten classical models. The other main source of inspiration is fighter planes, for example lateral intake vents and, especially, the tandem-like position of the two seats, that allows the perfection of the equilibrium. Lovers of sports cars will appreciate the perfect weight symmetry offered by the position of the seats.

Each unit will be unique, as the production process will include a large amount of customer-ordered specifications, from customized inscriptions on the chassis to an ergonomic study of the client. The car will have a central V12 engine with more than 500 hp.

The chassis is made of aeronautical aluminum that contributes to a new structural system combining a non-deformable area with eight impact-absorption areas. These characteristics offer such a safety level that is comparable to a professional racing car.

Luxury Sports Car

The body is from carbon fiber with insertions of fine wood, stainless steel, and gold. The wood, for example, is treated with the ancient Japanese Urishi natual lacquer technique.

Tramontana produces luxurious super cars for collectors.