Toyota Boshoku Concept: VODY (Void/Body) – Space Completed by People

Toyota Boshoku Concept: VODY (Void/Body) - Space Completed by People
Toyota Boshoku Concept: VODY (Void/Body) - Space Completed by People

One of the best parts of car shows are the concept vehicles. Announced October 18, 2017 Toyota Boshoku Corporation is exhibiting at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The concept for this year’s exhibition is “Quality of Time and Space.” As we undergo major changes in the mobility environment around us, this phrase expresses the value of comfort in mobility— enriched and higher-quality time and space—that Toyota Boshoku is working to create.

Toyota Boshoku is presenting an entirely new type of mobility space that will provide individuals in the mobility society of the future with greater ease and comfort.

What is a VODY?

VODY is a portmanteau coined from VOID and BODY, denoting a space that is completed through the connection with humans.

What is a MOOX?

MOOX is a portmanteau coined from MOBILE and BOX, denoting a private space that can be utilized freely while in motion.

Toyota Boshoku Concepts for 2017

Future concept model VODY: This mobile space evolves along with people through the connection between human and vehicle. The seat shape and space can change from Drive mode, to Relaxation mode, to Meditation mode, shifting in accordance with occupants’ physical shape and mood.

Future concept model MOOX: Multi-purpose mobile space premised on completely autonomous vehicle operation, the freely adaptable seating layouts allow this private space to be used in many different ways, with the vehicle in motion as well as when parked. The design employs color therapy, aroma, music, and health-promoting features to help sustain mind and body.

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