Yenra : Bath : Heated Toilet Seat : Swash high-tech automatic bidet provides a cleansing and healthful warm water wash of posterior and feminine areas


Swash is a high-tech toilet seat bidet from Brondell that provides people of all ages with a new level of luxury and hygiene in the bathroom.

"The Swash is simply a better, healthier way of taking care of business," says CEO Scott Pinizzotto. "You wouldn't use dry paper to wash your face. Why are we still using toilet paper to clean the most sensitive areas of our body?"

Anyone, men or women, from children to the elderly can benefit from using the Swash. The Swash replaces a conventional toilet seat and fits most residential toilets. It delivers exceptional comfort, relief, and hygiene.

The Swash heated toilet seat uses two retractable wands to provide a cleansing warm water wash of posterior and feminine areas. Temperature, pressure and pulsation can be personalized for each family member. Available in two models, the Swash 400 and Swash 600 enhance any bathroom while providing a healthier way to take care of personal needs.

Both models are easy to install, easy to clean, and simple to operate with the push of a button. The Swash 400 has side-mounted controls, while the Swash 600 includes a wireless remote control and warm-air dryer.

Brondell brings high quality, design, and technology to the American bathroom market.