Yenra : Sports : TJ Lavin - Gravity Games Champion : Serious sportsman

Chris Doyle won the Silver, Ryan Jordon won the Bronze, Cory Nastazio did the double back flip attempt, but T.J. Lavin won the 2000 Gravity Games with a gold medal. Even on the fourth run, which he didn't need to win - he performed excellently.

T.J. demonstrated superb sportsmanship by always being as concerned about his fellow athletes as he was about himself.

Gravity Games: Bikes (1999) - - The competition in the 1999 Gravity Games, an edgy Olympics with a punk rock soundtrack held in Providence, Rhode Island, goes off the wall and into the dirt during the harrowing bicycle events. In the "Bike Vert" portion of the games, competitors perform riding tricks in the bowl of a large wooden U-shaped ramp. Rocketing down one side of the ramp, they shoot up the other, launching into space long enough to perform an aerial trick before rocketing back down the ramp to do it again. In the "Bike Dirt" competition, a dirt motocross track is tackled by bicyclists who risk their necks performing dizzying airborne tricks after launching themselves off jumps. And in the "Bike Street" competition, bicyclists maneuver around a wooden track constructed with numerous steep walls, ramps, and platforms, putting together elaborate stunt-riding routines. At times the riders appear to be performing an aerial ballet on bicycles, but the risks are real, as scenes of one rider sustaining a bloody face attest. With very professional camera work (thanks to NBC's coverage of the events) and a throbbing soundtrack, this is an exciting look at the best practitioners of a new sport.