Yenra : Cars : Tire Traction : Easy-to-install self cleaning, tracking, and tensioning system improves on and off road driving in hazardous conditions


A new product is the latest scientific approach to avoid being stuck in heavy snow, mud or sand while providing for improved personal and vehicle safety during hazardous driving conditions. GoClaws can be put on your tires in minutes without moving or jacking up the vehicle, even while stuck. Designed for highway and off-road driving for vehicles ranging from compact cars to tandem tractor-trailers, this unique and revolutionary safety and security traction system is being introduced today by Flex-Trax.

"GoClaws is the culmination of many years of design and development by Flex-Trax. The traction advancement is based on proven techniques of mechanical engineering, physics, material handling, and hydraulics. This advanced engineering design, coupled with the use of revolutionary Duratanium, the very best high-performance injection-molded material available, produces an extremely tough product," said Mike Stollings of Flex-Trax. Stollings added that the high-performance, patented product, also features dual zinc-coated steel fastener pins and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Available in three sizes each for both the consumer and commercial markets, each package of Go Claws offers six adjustable, interchangeable modules that provide traction for two tires. Stollings said consumers could use them for either rear-wheel or front-wheel drive vehicles. In cases where off-roading and severe weather conditions exist, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and all-wheel drive (AWDs) vehicles are advised to use Go Claws on all four tires, he explained.

Stollings said that because of the engineering design, Go Claws offers the user several benefits in addition to the peace of mind it provides. First, he said, they are easier and faster to install once set up for the respective tire of choice versus the chains typically used. They are self-cleaning (chambers eject accumulations), self-tracking (for keeping centered on tires) and self-tensioning (continuously tightening). Go Claws are easily cleaned and fold up for easy and compact storage. Go Claws utilizes high-performance Duratanium track segments with Pascal-Tech hydraulic gripping chambers laid out in a crossing grid formation, which is placed over the tire. Connected by adjustable dual-pin linkages, the durable product's chambers create hydraulic pressure causing a gripping reaction on the driving surface. The Pascal-Tech chambers deposit, pressurize and then release the load in conjunction with the centrifugal force caused by rotation of the tire. This gripping and quick release action allows for improved traction, Stollings explained.

The list price for a pair of GoClaws ranges from $169.95 to $269.95 per set for the consumer market. For the commercial market, the list price ranges from $169.95 to $349.95. In Canada, the product is marketed as SnoClaws and is available exclusively at Canadian Tire.

Flex-Trax designs, develops and markets Advanced Traction Systems.