Yenra : Medical : Medical TFT Integrated Thin Client : All-in-one dedicated computing device with no moving parts and touchpad suitable for hospital use

TFT Thin Client

Athena Thin Clients, a leading developer of Embedded Hardware and Software for use in Server Based Computer networks, introduced at Computex Taipei 2006 The world's first fanless TFT integrated thin client comes at a time when hospitals are installing electronic patients file systems, causing growing demand for computing devices in sensitive areas. Previous systems need active cooling using moving fans vulnerable to viral and bacterial pollution.

The T2117FM is available with, Linux, XPembedded, and XPprofessional as operating systems and has a 17-inch display. The units ship with a special medical keyboard with integrated touchpad. They are powered by 1 GHz VIA Eden CPU. Mounting the computer to most hospital mechanics is easy as the unit supports VESA standards.