Yenra : Sports : Tailgate Canopy : Versatile shelter transforms cars and SUVs into campsites with a sturdy tent-like wing that connects to any roof rack


The new concept tent-shelter hybrid from Kelty is a protective wing securely and gently fastens to a vehicle's roof rack on the side or rear to form a comfortable shelter. Shielding against harsh sun, wind and light rain, the canopy is much like a three-sided tent, with two large side entrances and abundant protected headroom.

"It's so much more convenient than a tent because it gives us the shade and extra space we need right next to our car, not out in a field somewhere," said a customer in Maine.

The tents are made of lightweight, durable and weather-resistant polyester taffeta. The frame is supported by two aluminum poles which assemble quickly and fit easily into clearly marked pole sleeves.

The supporting poles connect to a lightweight but strong horizontal pole, which is laid across any standard roof-rack, then attached with a simple strap system.

Anchor loops at the base of the support poles are designed to clasp stones, sandbags or other heavy objects, helping secure in blustery conditions.

The large one is roomy enough to host a mini-festival. The broad shelter covers 113 square feet and is tall enough to fit on trucks, vans and SUVs. It also features roll-down side panels for privacy.

The medium one is an ideal extension of a station wagon tailgate, with a ceiling high enough to allow the hatchback to open, and a coverage area of 83 square feet.

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