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Survivor: The Official Soundtrack to the Hit CBS TV Series

Survivor: The Official Soundtrack to the Hit CBS TV Series - Now that the Survivor television spectacle is over and done--evil Richard having snatched the coveted million bucks--legions of fans are undergoing Survivor withdrawal. What to do with our Wednesday nights now that we can't watch a bunch of unwashed folks eat rats, scratch bug bites, and scheme behind each other's backs? How about recreating a Survivor scenario in your living room? Load up on sand, rice, and rodents, invite a few friends over (you can vote them out by midnight), dream up a few immunity challenges, and play the Survivor soundtrack to fully capture the effect of the island contest. With the new-agey drums and chants of the main title theme, "Ancient Voices" (the extended version included here!), the pomp and circumstance of "Big Drama," the thrilling trill of "Survivor Yell," and the suspense of "Tally the Vote"--all culled from the show--you can recall the best days of the Tagi and Pagong. --Tod Nelson.

Survivor BookSurvivor Book - You've seen the show, now read the book! Survivor is a gripping day-by-day account of life on Pulau Tiga as sixteen men and women compete for food, shelter, friendships, and one million dollars. From the shipwreck that signals the beginning of life on the island to the final Tribal Council meeting 39 days later, readers are given complete access to the Survivor experience including dozens of behind-the-scenes photographs and ends with a penetrating interview with the Survivor that completes the story. Written by the show's executive producer Mark Burnett with acclaimed adventure writer Martin Dugard, Survivor is an unforgettable look into a winner-take-all world driven by contests and conspiracies that reads like an adventure novel. It includes insights and observations about the contestants, the host, the production crew, and anyone else who sets foot on the island--no one is immune. Pre-order your copy now--the Survivor experience isn't complete without it! Praise for Martin Dugard's previous work: "Crisp vivid language...transports the armchair adventurer from the jungle muck to the mountain peak." --Esquire