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Soyfoods are further emerging into the mainstream as more health-conscious consumers search for foods with nutritional benefits that are convenient and taste great. As evident by a recent, self-selected survey conducted by Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, an expert analyst on consumer behavior and food trends and editor and contributor to NBC's Today Show, 68 percent of respondents consume soyfoods as a regular part of their diet. The survey "shows how important healthy eating has become to the U.S. consumer."

Lempert's survey results show that 73 percent of those consuming soy claim to do so because they are aware that soy delivers health benefits, and nearly 50 percent report that they choose foods containing soy simply because they enjoy the taste. The fact that nearly 50 percent said they choose foods containing soy simply because they enjoy the taste "demonstrates how far food companies have come in developing delicious soy products that are easy to incorporate into the daily diet," said Lempert. Soyfoods are eaten most frequently at breakfast and supper and include soymilk (58%), soy burgers or crumbles (43%) and tofu entrees (32%).

Lempert, who presented the findings from his online soy survey at the 11th Annual Soy Symposium, is one of America's leading consumer trend watchers and a regular guest on The View, Oprah, Discovery Health and Extra. The annual Soy Symposium, that brings together soy producers, marketing experts and product development specialists to discuss the future of the soyfoods market, was held in Chicago this past week.

The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) is a non-profit trade association that has been promoting consumption of soyfoods in the diet since 1978. SANA members include large and small soyfoods companies, growers and suppliers of soybeans, nutritionists, cookbook authors, equipment representatives, food scientists and retailers.

Are soyfoods a regular part of your diet?

   Yes                 68%
   No                  32%

If not, what are your biggest obstacles?

   Taste                    23%
   Price                    12%
   Never tried              9%
   Variety                  5%

When you shop for soyfoods, where do you look?

   Grocery Store - Regular Food Aisles               38%
   Grocery Store - Soyfood Section                   34%
   Health Food Store                                 15%

How often do you consume soyfoods?

   Weekly    37%
   One time a day                                    27%
   Two or more times a day                           15%
   Less than monthly                                 9%
   Never                                             8%
   Monthly                                           4%

When you eat soyfoods, at what eating occasion do you
most often consume them?

   Breakfast                                         30%
   Supper                                            26%
   Lunch                                             14%
   Afternoon snack                                   13%
   Evening snack                                     7%
   Morning snack                                     4%

Which soy products do you consume?

   Soymilk                                           58%
   Soy burgers or crumbles                           43%
   Tofu entrees                                      32%
   Soy snacks - chips and soy nuts                   30%
   Plain tofu                                        23%
   Soy protein bars as snacks                        22%
   Meal entrees with soy                             21%
   Cereal with soy                                   19%
   Edamame                                           19%
   Traditional soyfoods - i.e., miso and
    tempeh                                           18%
   Soy cheese                                        14%
   Soy ice cream                                     12%
   Soy protein bars as meal replacers                11%
   Other soy beverages                               10%
   Soy yogurt                                        9%
   Soy flour (for baking)                            7%

What type of foods would you like to see contain soy?

   Snack foods                                       49%
   Baked goods                                       45%
   Mixed with frozen vegetables                      44%
   On salad bars                                     42%
   Frozen desserts                                   41%
   Meal entrees                                      40%
   Crackers                                          36%
   Beverages                                         21%

Where do you eat soy foods?

   Home                                              94%
   Restaurant                                        29%
   Work                                              20%
   Friends or relatives' house                       10%
   Other                                             3%

Why do you consume soyfoods?

   Heard soy foods boost general health and well-being    73%
   Enjoy the taste of soyfoods                            49%
   Select foods that are natural/organic                  40%
   Avoiding symptoms of menopause                         33%
   Find soy foods easy to use                             31%
   Preventing osteoporosis                                31%
   Trying to prevent heart disease                        30%
   Other health reason                                    28%
   Trying to prevent cancer                               24%
   Avoid animal products for ethical or cultural reasons  17%
   Family food preferences                                7%

What factors discourage you from consuming soyfoods?

   Price                                                  37%
   Spouse/family would not eat                            27%
   Don't like taste                                       22%
   Lack of choice                                         18%
   Preparation instructions                               13%
   Other                                                  10%
   Lack of knowledge about soyfoods                       8%
   Health concern                                         3%

Which change would most encourage you to consume soyfoods?

   Availability/more selection in my store                38%
   Better prices                                          32%
   Better taste                                           20%
   Other                                                  7%
   I would never purchase soyfoods                        4%

This survey was conducted on the site of Philip Lempert, the Supermarket Guru

Source: Soyfoods Association of North America