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Cola satisfies hunger as well as orange juice or 1 percent milk - new data challenge a common misperception


Cola Satisfies Hunger

A new study from the University of Washington presented today at the Experimental Biology 2002 Annual Meeting demonstrates that contrary to popular belief cola soft drinks have the same effect on satisfying hunger as orange juice and one percent milk. The study also found that milk, cola soft drinks, orange juice and sparkling water were exactly the same in their ability to quench thirst.

Adam Drewnowski, Ph.D., Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine and Director of the University of Washington's Nutritional Science Program said, "Some nutritionists believe that colas act only as thirst quenching liquids and have no influence on hunger or satiety, and that fruit juices and milk are said to be foods that you drink. In our study with healthy college-age men and women, we found nothing of the sort.

Orange juice, cola soft drinks and one percent milk had exactly the same effects on hunger, fullness, and desire to eat in the short term.

The cola beverage was no different from juice or milk in supplying dietary energy to provide the feeling of satisfaction and fullness," Drewnowki concluded.

The University of Washington study determined the effects of four beverages: milk (1%), orange juice, cola, and sparkling water, on temporal profiles of hunger, fullness and desire to eat, measured at 20 minute intervals post consumption. The study was based on 32 normal-weight, non-dieting young adults. All beverages were provided in 20 oz. portions. Energy consumption and food choices at the next meal were measured as well. Cola beverages did not lead to overeating relative to orange juice or 1% milk.

Milk, orange juice and colas satisfied hunger and promoted fullness and satiety better than sparkling water. There was no difference in thirst ratings among the four beverages, including sparkling water.

The study was supported by an unrestricted research grant from the National Soft Drink Association.