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Energy-efficient skylights and roof windows admit healthful natural light from above and provide additional ventilation while visually expanding rooms. Homeowners gain privacy, a sky view, and the use of another wall for decorating or space utilization. If you're remodeling, converting upstairs areas with skylights and roof windows makes expensive dormers unnecessary. For smaller spaces, sun tunnels can provide additional natural light at low cost.

How many beautiful bathrooms have you seen with a huge window occupying most of a wall directly over the tub? Impressive? Yes. Useful? Not always. Especially if the room is on a ground floor or located where neighbors have a view through the window.

The solution? According to Joe Patrick, product manager for Velux, consider light from above from a venting electric skylight. "You get privacy, more ventilation in the room in your home most prone to condensation, a view of the sky above, the use of another wall for decorating or space utilization, and the healthful benefits of more natural light," Patrick says.

According to industry research, skylights are selected as the number one option in dream bathrooms. And modern skylights offer as many, or more, features than standard windows. Electric venting skylights are available with remote control, blinds, shades, awnings, insect screening and automatic rain sensors. The latest models even offer glass that can be lightened or darkened electronically.

And while you're considering skylights for your bathroom, remember that venting skylights in your kitchen can release hot air and odors while admitting more light for brighter days and for more pleasant cooking and dining.

Skylights also address important health considerations. One in five Americans suffers varying degrees of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition in which the symptoms can include depression and fatigue due to lack of sufficient daylight. Fixed or venting skylights can help by admitting abundant daylight while visually expanding rooms in any style or size home.

Perhaps, for whatever reason, you really can't use a skylight in your master bath. For simple, quick installation in areas where skylights may not be needed or just won't fit, a sun tunnel can easily provide natural light in smaller bathrooms, entry areas or hallways, pantries, walk-in closets or other smaller, confined areas. They offer flexible tunnels that fit around virtually any obstructions from the roof to the ceiling.

Velux manufactures skylights and roof windows.