Yenra : Shopping : 3D Mall : Three-dimensional virtual shopping experience lets you window shop and walk past storefronts in order to discover products

3D Shopping

3B's expanded 3-D shopping mall makes online shopping more like walking through a mall, where people can stroll down aisles and walk into stores that catch their interest. Ready for the holidays, forty-five new shops have been built, featuring many well-known retailers from fashion to music.

Previously, when shopping online, people needed to know fairly precisely what they wanted to buy. But that's not what women do at the real mall, where it's about finding new items, and things they didn't know they wanted until they saw them. 3B's virtual mall couples the convenience of shopping online with the ability to discover items.

"This new experience brings the Internet much closer to a real world window shopping experience" said 3B CEO Nicky Morris.

"As you pass by, you can view the large photos of several products simultaneously so you can quickly make visual choices."

3B is a free browser that people use to window shop and make purchases in the virtual 3-D mall without the crowds or sore feet. 3B has scoured the Web to find 45 three-dimensional stores and more than twenty topic-focused cities, so that the shopping experience is filled with both products you know you want and those you never knew existed.

3B's initial product, the 3B Browser, simulates window-shopping in a virtual 3D city of websites is a new type of graphical user interface for browsing Web content.