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Shade Cap

The Extreme Shade Cap is a personal sun protection system. The hat transforms from an ordinary looking ball cap into a personal shade system by utilizing its extendable neck and earflaps, and dual clip-on visor extenders. The cap's special fabric blocks over 98% of the sun's harmful rays using advanced UPF 50+ rated, laboratory-tested material. It is stylish, functional, and practical for everyday wear around town.

"I highly recommend the ExtremeShade Cap for increased protection from the sun's harmful rays," said Dermatologist Mindy Tanner. "The season doesn't matter -- when people go outside they are exposed to the sun's rays, which eventually take their toll on their skin. Even casual exposure can put someone at risk. The ExtremeShade Cap is practical and stylish, but above all, it provides the critically important increased UVA and UVB protection that is essential for good health and longer life."

The cap resembles an ordinary baseball cap that millions of folks already wear everyday. It quickly and easily transforms into a personal shade system.

Fold-out side shade flaps help protect the ears, face and head. Flaps can be easily flipped up and snapped out of the way when not required.

A pull-out, neck-length shade flap helps provide additional protection for the back of the scalp and neck.

This flap can be quickly stowed inside cap when not needed, or unsnapped and removed for washing. A pony tail can be worn with the neck flap in or out.

A clip-on visor extenders help protect sides of the face and eyes when sun is low in the sky.

The hat is made of high-technology, laboratory-tested, UV-resistant material that blocks over 98% of solar radiation (rated UPF 50+).

"Most people understand the importance of shielding their skin from the sun," company founder Mike Moshier says, "but let's be honest, most of us don't think about applying sunscreen before going outdoors -- let alone reapplying it every 30 to 40 minutes. I wanted to design a product that would help people protect themselves from the sun -- without a lot of thought."

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