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Agilent Technologies today announced the industry's most comprehensive service management software that collects and correlates data from various sources for a single, intelligent view of service-affecting problems. Agilent OSS Wireless Service Manager helps wireless communications service providers to quickly identify and isolate problems, minimizing downtime while providing higher quality of service (QoS) and faster time to market for new services.

Wireless Service Manager consolidates data from multiple sources into a simple "dashboard" screen, providing operations personnel with graphical drill-down displays to quickly make informed decisions. The solution provides early visibility of service and customer problems by summarizing and correlating data from sources such as user experience and customer information, signaling networks, and usage, inventory and network management systems. This enables the service provider to quickly isolate and prioritize problems, determine the root cause and manage the resolution efficiently.

"Although service providers' disparate systems collect and store data, each can only provide a small picture of the overall quality of service delivered, which can be ineffective for managing customer experience," said David Hawley, senior analyst at Yankee Group. "To realize the benefits of service management, communications providers must be able to gather and analyze data from many different sources and then correlate the key information to assign priority in solving the most important service-related issues. Agilent's new service management solution is designed to meet this challenge."

"Our new Wireless Service Manager solution has been tested and deployed for over a year at two major European carrier sites, managing a total subscriber base of over 30 million," said Giorgio Dina, Agilent OSS vice president and general manager. "We're pleased to now offer this powerful management solution to the wireless service provider market."

In addition to standards support and pre-configured interfaces that make it easier to connect with multivendor data sources, Agilent's Wireless Service Manager is tightly integrated with the company's Wireless QoS Manager and GPRS QoS Analyzer -- solutions that provide wireless service testing and GPRS QoS problem troubleshooting.