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Soflinx Corporation, a leading provider of sophisticated wireless sensor network software, today announced the availability of Soflinx DefenderYahoo, a powerful wireless monitoring and control system that provides perimeter security for commercial, industrial, and government locations. Although publicly available for the first time, Soflinx Defender is currently employed by the U.S. government.

Capable of integrating thousands of wireless nodes through Soflinx' proprietary DatalinxYahoo technology, Defender is an intelligent wireless sensor network that can instantly respond to data with automated corrective actions. The system is designed to provide early detection of potential threats and to facilitate rapid responses, ensuring the safety of high profile structures, as well as the people in them.

"In today's society, the urgency to protect the nation's important buildings and campuses cannot be overstated," said Neil Senturia, CEO of Soflinx. "Our institutional structures are at risk. By using advancements in communications technologies, as well as proprietary technologies that we have developed, Soflinx has created a unique solution that offers an increased level of protection for any industrial, commercial, or government location."

The difference between Defender and other conventional sensor networks lies in the use of sophisticated, self-organizing, wireless technologies and Soflinx' proprietary software platform, Datalinx. Datalinx is an intelligent, modular and scalable management system for wireless sensor networks that creates an intelligent, extensible network from an unlimited number and type of sensors. Datalinx creates a "smart" network by implementing procedures defined specifically for each application and managing the role of each network component. In addition, Datalinx facilitates two-way communications between network components. This enables a "smart" network in which components can talk to one another and self-adapt to changing environmental and operating conditions. If one sensor goes down, or if new network elements are added, the system adjusts itself accordingly without going off-line or requiring extensive human intervention.

Datalinx also provides a more adaptable and scalable network architecture than a traditional hardware-driven solution. Soflinx networks are able to accommodate many thousands of sensors, a key requirement for the majority of industrial and commercial applications. The modular software also allows for easy integration of additional network components and is ideally suited to mobile applications.

"Through our new DatalinxYahoo technology, tens, hundreds, even thousands of embedded peer-to-peer devices collaborate, within the LAN or across the WAN, to deliver self-configuring, adaptive applications." said Karyn Haaland, CTO and Co-founder of Soflinx. "Soflinx Defender is our first product incarnation of the modular Datalinx technology. It provides superior technical performance out-of-the-box, while allowing customers to also embed their own existing business logic and sensors without modifying the underlying wireless, network and software infrastructure."

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