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Seed catalogs are a hint of spring, literature with hope, the miracle of planting, the promise of becoming. They are a record of what was done elsewhere and what might be done and then what could be done here. They describe and they urge; they promise more than they ask. We can never do all that they make us want to do, but even if we do a little of what they provide, we take our soil and make a miracle there.

Angelgrove Tree Seed Company - Seeds For Flowering Trees, Shade Trees, Japanese Maples, Rugosa Roses and Bonsai Trees.

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Ornamental Edibles

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Richters Herbs

Prairie Frontier

SBE's Exotic, Tropical Plant Seed Catalog


Seeds of Change

Territorial Seed Company

Thomas Etty Esq - Heritage seedsman and bulb merchant.

White Flower Farm