Yenra : Robots : Security Robot : Facility patrol bot can perform surveillance tasks, carry equipment, give building tours, and measure temperature, air quality, and Wi-Fi signal strength

Security Robot

The new PatrolBot facility operations robot debuts at BuilConn Networked Buildings Forum in Dallas today. PatrolBot, from ActivMedia Robotics, can integrate with buildings' central heating and cooling systems, security systems, air quality controls, wi-fi networks, and even lighting and power systems to provide valuable building services, and back-up. PatrolBot can also greet guests, guide them to their destinations or lead building tours.

Once a Patrol Bot scans its work areas, it travels automatically to perform tasks: mapping temperatures to improve central heating and cooling efficiency; measuring wi-fi signal strength to improve coverage; enabling security guards to remotely investigate several problems simultaneously, and carrying light, supplies or other equipment into a dark building. PatrolBot systems have been used at companies including Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer Global Research and Victoria's Secret.

The new PatrolBot can carry 12kg of sensors and surveillance equipment, over 2cm cables, across 2cm sills and up ADA-compliant slopes in daylight and dark.

PatrolBot employs revolutionary ARCS controls shared by AR MobileRobot's AGV's and other intelligent rovers. Using sophisticated sensing and software, ARCS robots map buildings on-the-fly and navigate to destinations without wires or other retrofitting. They can share maps, enabling a fleet of robots to head out with little notice. ARCS robots sense obstacles; if a path is blocked they can find alternative routes.

Unlike robotic vacuums, PatrolBots are enterprise robots. This means they can link to a company network just like any other computer but PatrolBot can also operate standalone in case of power or network failure. All PatrolBots include application and utility software. Developer SDK is available.

PatrolBots are available at the current time directly from ActivMedia Robotics. Prices start at $30,000 US.

ActivMedia Robotics designs and manufactures intelligent mobile robots, sensing systems and controls.