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The Software Defined Radio (SDR) Forum announced that it is conducting research to gain crucial insight into wireless operator requirements for future base station architectures. It is anticipated that data collection and interpretation of the results will be completed and formalized in a report by early 2004.

The research initiative -- believed to be the first of its kind in this specific area -- is being coordinated by the Forum's recently created Operator Market Requirements Study Group. To help facilitate the data collection process, the Forum is conducting detailed questioning and discussion sessions with operator representatives. In addition, the Forum has created an in-depth questionnaire which is being administered to operators throughout the world.

"We are working hard to ensure that not only do we collect data from operators representing all three ITU regions, but that we also include insight from operators ranging in size -- large and small, regional and international," said Bo Piekarski, chair of the SDR Forum's Operator Market Requirements Study Group. "Although we are in the early stages of this research, operator response to our initiative has been positive."

The first phase of the research initiative -- data collection from wireless operators that are members of the Forum -- is complete. Phase two -- data collection from the rest of the operator community, will begin in October. It is anticipated that results will be tallied and interpreted by November, with a formal report and overview scheduled by early 2004.

The data collected to date reveals the type of insights, comments and information the SDR Forum was interested in obtaining, explained Piekarski, who is vice president of business development for TelASIC Communications -- a developer of RF and analog mixed signal ICs for advanced wireless applications.

"In addition to collecting data on future base station architectures and terminals, we also hope to demonstrate the impact these new architectures may have on helping operators reduce costs, create new revenue opportunities, and reduce future investment risks," said Piekarski. "And judging from the initial data, we are heading in the right direction to accomplish this."

Numbering more than 100 organizations, the SDR Forum's membership includes major commercial wireless operators such as Cingular, NTT DoCoMo, Orange PCS, SK Telecom, Sprint, Telfonica, and TeliaSonera.

The Software Defined Radio Forum (now part of Wireless Innovation Forum) is an international industry association dedicated to supporting the development and deployment of software defined radio systems that enable flexible and adaptable architectures in advanced wireless systems. The membership of the SDR Forum spans commercial, defense, and civil government organizations, and includes wireless service providers, network operators, component and equipment manufacturers, hardware and software developers, regulatory agencies, and academia. Presently numbering more than 100 organizations, the SDR Forum's membership includes major commercial wireless players from Asia, Europe, and North America.