Yenra : Security : Word Combination Lock : Uses letters instead of numbers to create easy-to-remember sequences that can be reset by owner at any time

Word Lock

The traditional combination lock has undergone a makeover for this back-to-school season as letters replace numbers on Word Lock, an innovative combination lock that is now available at Staples nationwide. Unlike most locks that feature a number dial, five letter tumblers rotate around a barrel to create word combinations.

"Word Lock provides an easy solution to an every day challenge - trying to remember a random number combination among the scores of passwords in our lives," said Jevin Eagle of Staples.

The Word Lock is easy to handle and easy to use. Five tumblers create 100,000 possible letter combinations. A hardened, wide shackle provides extra security. It is available in six bright colors: silver, black, orange, pink, red, and blurple. You can reset the combination easily at any time.

Staples expects the Word Lock to become popular for school lockers, office and health club lockers, as well as storage boxes, gates, and sheds. Word Lock was selected through a nationwide search for good ideas.

Todd Basche, the Word Lock inventor, said the inspiration for his product came from trying to remember the number combinations to the locks on his backyard gates.

Staples has plans to produce additional versions of Word Lock to secure computers and bicycles.