Yenra : Security : Object Detection : Millimeter wave technology uncovers concealed items and pinpoints where they are hidden


BIS-WDS GEN 2 from Brijot Imaging Systems is a next generation object detection and people screening technology that detects concealed threats, minimizes loss prevention, and screens individuals in real-time.

As the first surveillance system to feature full-motion, real-time millimeter wave imaging capabilities, this passive standoff system offers a quick and discrete method for detecting concealed threats, including hidden liquids and gels.

The system uses a sophisticated detection engine to alert operators to the location of hidden items, indicating who to question and where to look for a conceal object. A built-in integration and automated alarm capabilities enable effective local or remote operation while minimizing personnel requirements. The images stored are millimeter wave images with no anatomical detail to ensure privacy.

Brijot Imaging Systems designs advanced millimeter-wave object detection.