Yenra : Security : Sentry Safes : Innovative safe models, most with fire and water protection, secure valuable items and protect against identity theft

Sentry Safes

Sentry is unveiling ten new innovative safe models this week. The new line of safes feature advanced lock options, including a biometric fingerprint lock; fire and water protection on many models; versatile interior organizational features; in-lid holders for digital media including CDs and DVDs; and even a laptop safe with access for a power cord.

With a unique, patented biometric fingerprint lock design, the water-resistant Sentry Safe Fire-Safe Fingerprint Safe comes with a dual-lock option – consumers can operate the safe with either a fingerprint swipe, or electronic code – both of which consumers program themselves. The lock is highly secure because the owner's fingerprint - which drives the authorization to open - cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen and a copied fingerprint will not be accepted.

The lock features a backlit advanced electronic LCD keypad, allowing up to seven users, including one manager with program override capability.

In addition to securely storing digital media, the interior of the biometric safe holds standard papers and binders and includes a multi-position tray, key rack and compartment for small items and a door pocket.

The sleek new design of Sentry Group's new Fire-Safe Waterproof Chest and File contain an in-lid organization system for digital media, such as memory sticks, CDs and USB drives.

A new file safe is designed for safely storing important papers and files – securely locking all documents containing personal information in one convenient location. The file system safeguards critical business papers, allowing consumers to keep hanging files neatly organized while protecting important information from theft, natural disasters, fires – even identity thieves.

With identity theft occurring more often, consumers are increasingly aware that credit cards, social security cards and important hard-copy documents such as financial statements and receipts must be safely stored.

When theft deterrence is the main consideration, consumers may choose from security safes featuring solid steel construction, concealed hinges, and hardened steel plate to protect cash and valuable assets.