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GOOSEBUMPS 2000 Books:

Cry of the Cat - She just wanted to do the right thing. Return the black cat to its owner. But once Allison stepped into the dark, broken-down house, she regretted the whole idea. Now her biggest problem is getting out.

Bride of the Living Dummy - She's not a toy. She's not your friend. She's an evil doll. And she's--alive! Slappy better watch out. This is one bride who'll make your worst nightmares come true.

Creature Teacher - The newest teacher at Graveyard School is so nice that even Bentley the Bad likes her, until he discovers her terrible secret and fears he may get permanent detention.

Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 1 - They're alien and they're everywhere! They're green and totally slimy! They're out to squeeze everything--and everyone--dry!

Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 2 - In this conclusion of "Invasion of the Body Squeezers, Part 1", R.L. Stine puts the squeeze on hair-raising horror.

I Am Your Evil Twin - Monty's got a new relative. He's cloned from Monty's DNA. But he's definitely no pal!

Revenge R Us - Wade's obnoxious brother needs to learn a lesson--a lesson he'll never forget. Wade knows just where to go.

Fright Camp - A summer camp run by famous horror movie director R.B. Farraday is filled with scary rides and thrills--too scary for most happy campers.

Are You Terrified Yet? - Craig's the new kid in school. Everyone in town thinks he's a big hero. But the school bullies aren't convinced. They're going to run a little test involving--for starters--a jar filled with tarantulas.

Headless Halloween - Brandon loves to scare other kids. This Halloween he buttons his shirt up over his head and parades around as a headless freak! But even Brandon gets queasy at the creepiest Halloween party of all time, where guests bob for rats and eat doughnuts filled with worms!

Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls - During a creepy field trip to the local cemetery, Spencer accidentally knocks over a headstone. Now he's face to face with the undead, a cold, ghastly ghoul who wants to take over his body!

Brain Juice - After drinking some brain juice made by aliens, Nathan and Micah are suddenly brilliant. And these aliens are looking for a few good humans--extra smart, extra young humans.

Return to Horrorland - Lizzy and Luke have returned to HorrorLand with television reporters to show the world the deadly dangers of the park, including such all-new attractions as Torture Mountain, Dungeon of No Return, and Buzzard Beach.

Jekyll and Heidi - Heidi lives with her eccentric uncle Dr. Jekyll. The locals call him a mad scientist. Heidi thinks they're crazy--until she catches her uncle drinking a strange concoction and terrifying animal sounds rip through the night.

Scream School

The Mummy Walks - Michael may look like a regular kid, but he's really the leader of a country called Jezekiah, and he's got a computer chip in his head that carries the secret location of an ancient mummy. There's just one problem. Michael doesn't know he's a prince. And his people want their mummy back.

The Werewolf in the Living Room - Aaron's dad thinks he's found a real live werewolf, and keeps him caged up inthe living room. Aaron thinks it's a big joke--until he sets the man free and three people are attacked by a wolf creature!

Horrors of the Black Ring

Return to Ghost Camp - Camp Spirit Moon is full of traditions that keep kids coming back--or never leaving at all. Like the legend of the Snatcher, an evil phantom disguised like a fox who snatches one camper every year.

Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid! - Connor Buckley and his friends have discovered a new role-playing card game called Be Afraid. The game seems pretty tame - until the guys realize that everything they do in the game is coming true in real life!

The Haunted Car! - Mitchell's parents got a great deal on their sleek new sports car. It's loaded with extras including cruise control, CD player, power windows...and an evil ghost!

Full Moon Fever - Robbie and his sister love trick-or-treating - even at scary old Mrs. Eakins' house. But when they both gobble down one of her "Beast" candy bars, things start to get very hairy.

Slappy's Nightmare - What could be scarier than Slappy, the evil dummy? Two Slappies! When ventriloquist Jimmy O'James unwraps Slappy's twin, it's not exactly a happy reunion.

Earth Geeks Must Go! - When two friends get kidnapped by aliens, they're taken to a planet where the natives read with their tongues, eat through their armpits, and treat humans like earth geeks!

Ghost in the Mirror - There's something eerie about Jason's new mirror. It's almost as if a force were pulling him into his own reflection...and into a cold, dark world he may never leave again.