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Recent reports from European travelers demonstrate that interactions between Americans abroad and Europeans have been positive.

Rick Steves' Graffiti Wall, a message board which has become a widely-used resource for travelers assessing their plans in this politically-charged international climate.

"My husband and I returned from a one-week trip to Venice, Florence and Rome on Sunday, March 30," posted Sally from Chicago. "We felt absolutely no anti-Americanism. In fact, everyone we encountered was friendly and kind.

Other similar sentiment was felt by one poster from Atlanta.

"I just returned home yesterday from my eight-day trip to Paris with a friend and her 74-year-old mother. We found the people wonderful. Everyone with whom we interacted was pleasant and helpful, and many were downright charming."

The notion that Americans are feeling hostility abroad didn't seem to hinder 3,000 Europe-bound travelers on March 22 at Rick Steves's headquarters in Edmonds, Washington. They were there to take 16 classes on the skills needed to pack light, navigate through different European countries, and more. The turn-out signified a determination to travel now more than ever.