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101 Survival Secrets : How to Win $1,000,000, Lose 100 Pounds, and Just Plain Live Happily - Over fifty million people tuned in to watch Rich Hatch win one million dollars on the television phenomenon Survivor. Now he shares the tips and secrets that made him the ultimate survivor in 101 SURVIVAL SECRETS. Learn Rich's life story: Growing up, being different, and how his parents laid the groundwork for an All-American success story. Then off to The Survivor Challenge. Discover how and why Rich decided he was going to be on Survivor . . . and how he knew he was going to win. Get the behind the scenes story of how he trained, built his confidence, and a step-by-step rundown of everything he did to mentally and physically prepare himself for one of the greatest challenges of his life. Then get Rich's tips and techniques on how to lose one hundred pounds. Learn what his diet consisted of before the show, how he lost the weight, what he ate on the island to stay trim, and how he intends to keep it off. Read Rich's tips and techniques on how to make a million dollars, how to survive in business, how to stay cool under pressure, and how to believe in yourself and take what belongs to you. Next, it's a survivor's success story. Learn how Rich dealt with knowing the secret an entire world was waiting to hear, but couldn't reveal to anyone. Then, learn how he dealt with becoming a celebrity sensation: talk shows, the Emmys, the MTV Music Awards, and photo shoots with Annie Leibowitz. And how does America's newest celebrity plan to live happily ever after? Read about Richard's plans for the future and how he plans to spend his one million dollars. Nashville Tennessean: Short and snappy...His message to readers is that you can be a winner too. Book Description: Here is advice for everyone on gaining success and making yourself happy--from the winner of The "Survivor" Challenge. About the Author: RICH HATCH runs his own business as a corporate trainer and consultant, conducting seminars on numerous topics, including conflict management, team building, practical negotiation, and public speaking. Richard is from and currently lives in Newport, Rhode Island.