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RFID Wizards today announced that it has launched the first RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Internet Superstore:

RFID technology is currently being implemented by the largest manufacturers and retailers in the world to improve efficiency and reduce loss. Wal-mart Stores Inc. is requiring all suppliers to put RFID tags carrying Electronic Product Codes on pallets and cases by the end of 2006.

Louis Sirico, President and CEO, shares his vision: "We recognized that there is no single on-line source for a complete RFID solution. A customer has to buy equipment from one source, integration software from different source, mounting hardware from another source, and cables from yet another. By leveraging our relationships with the major RFID manufacturers and our experience implementing RFID solutions, fills that void."

BuyRFID offers a complete catalog of industry proven RFID equipment, integration software, inlays, smart labels, tags, cables, and mounting hardware. Every product has passed a thorough testing process developed by RF Engineers. Eric Albers, Chief Technology Officer explains, "there is a lot of RFID equipment that does not work as the manufacturer claims. We ensure our customers receive quality products that will perform in their environment to their specific requirements."