Yenra : RFID : RFID Patents : Product development technology patterns derived from a thorough analysis and summary of critical inventions


A new RFID patent research report that summarizes the history of RFID-related patents enables large cost and time savings for researchers, engineers, marketing, manufacturing, legal, and financial personnel involved in the development of new RFID products.

RFID 2003 covers 4300+ patents and lists patent numbers, issue dates and patent titles, with additional detailed analysis of technical issues, assignees, inventors, and attorneys in over 500 patents.

The research results are structured as 3 volumes. They can be purchased separately or in combination: Data Base Appendix, and Translated Patents, and Technical Summary.

The Data Base Appendix is a detailed listing of the RFID patent summary data. It includes such information as patent number, issue date, title, technology summary, technology category, who were the inventors, what firms the inventions were assigned to and what attorneys prosecuted the patents. Some of this material is taken directly from the patent citations, while some of it was derived by analysis of the patents. The Data Base Appendix is the source of the maps, graphs, tables and outlines in the Technology Summary.

The Translated Patents takes 81 patents issued in 2003, and translates the abstract and claims into technical English. Verbatim copies of the patent abstracts and claims are also included. These patents were selected because they presented true technical improvements to RFID tag or radio system technology. The other RFID relevant patents issued in 2003 were aimed at application methods. The applications were implemented with commercially available RFID products. These method patents have not been translated, but they are incorporated into the Technology Summary.