Yenra : RFID : RFID Gate Reader : Omron V720 Gate Reader Reads up to 128 RFID Tags at Once in Any Orientation

RFID Gate Reader

Omron's new V720 RFID gate reader allows greater throughput of product with its capability to read up to 128 Omron V720 RFID tags at the same time. With the V720 gate reader, the orientation of the tag does not matter, which benefits the user since they can't always guarantee the placement of tags. The width of the RF curtain can be up to 1m, allowing enough room for a person to pass through, thus enabling human applications. The 1m width also allows adaptation to a variety of applications, whereas previous short read ranges made these RFID applications impractical.

The V720 gate reader is read/writeable, allowing the data to be fully dynamic, always current and changeable as needed. Operating at 13.56 MHz, it provides good noise immunity and little interference. The 13.56MHz frequency also allows the security of the data to be accurate and transferred quickly, thus increasing the efficiency and speed of the items or people traveling through the V720 gate reader.

The V720 gate reader has many uses, including conveyor applications, product sorting, tracing or tracking of people, and tracing or tracking carts with multiple products. The V720 is also ideal for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), which prevents item theft or inadvertent removal from secured areas like retail stores and libraries.

The V720 gate reader is available to order at $14,990.