Yenra : RFID : RFID Clothing Smart Labels : Benetton Denies Microchip Smart Label Use in Garments

Benetton Group, with reference to articles recently published in the press, declares that no microchips (Smart Labels) are present in the more than 100 million garments produced and sold throughout the world under its brand names, including the Sisley brand.

Benetton, which has always been a leader in technological innovation in the clothing sector, is currently analysing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to evaluate its technical characteristics and emphasizes that no feasibility studies have yet been undertaken with a view to the possible industrial introduction of this technology.

On completion of all studies on this matter, including careful analysis of potential implications relating to individual privacy, the company reserves the right to take the most appropriate decision to generate maximum value for its stakeholders and customers.

Finally, Benetton states that no suppliers, direct or indirect, of the above-mentioned technology have any company or financial links with the Benetton Group and that any relations with these companies are exclusively of a commercial nature and for the supply of services.