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RF Modem

A low-cost RF Modem Module has been added to Radicom's Embedded Modem Module family. Utilizing Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, the WHM900 operates on the license-free 900 MHz ISM band to provide optimal range through obstacles and noise. The RF Modem measures 1" x 1" x 0.3" in size, and can transmit data from 600bps to 76.8Kbps to distance up to 500 ft indoors and 1,500 ft outdoors with matching antenna.

The modem provides a standard serial TTL compatible interface. The user can use the popular AT Command set for selection of channels, output power, and different frequencies. No drivers are required. The RF Modem requires a 3.3 volt power source and features low power consumption. The small size, combined with low power consumption, makes the WHM900 ideal for portable and battery powered embedded system applications.

Using Radicom's proprietary RadiLink protocol, the WHM900 RF Modem Module can be conditioned to automatically maintain a connection. In the event of power outage, the modem will automatically attempt to reconnect when the power is restored. If the wireless data link is lost due to any other reasons, the WHM900 RF Modem will detect the lost link and attempt to automatically re-establish the link.

Radicom WHM900 RF modems support Modbus-ASCII and Modbus-RTU networks without requiring special configurations. WHM900 includes addressing capabilities to provide for point-to-point and point-to multipoint networks. Its host interface baud rates ranging from 300 bps to 57600 bps and retry and acknowledgements of packets provides delivery of critical packets in difficult environments.

The WHM900 RF Modem is pin-to-pin compatible to Radicom's award winning dial-up Half-Inch Modems. With one layout of the system board, customers will be able to provide remote monitoring, data collection and other type of communication applications with the ability to change between dial-up and wireless operation.

Radicom designs and manufactures dial-up modems and wireless RF modem modules for the embedded system applications.