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RFID Visualization

On March 15, 2006, Integral RFID announced the availability of Version 2 of Instant EPC Hotspot from Integral RFID -- with new support for Gen 2 RFID tags and pharmaceutical level tagging.

The Instant EPC Hotspot software is an easy-to-use RFID solution based on scientific analysis. It uses commercial RFID tags and readers to measure RFID performance at the item, case and pallet level under real-world conditions. Results from these measurements are displayed using interactive 3D models color-coded to show RF properties. The system conveys an immediate understanding of the RF behavior of a product which in turn leads to optimal tag placement and significantly improved performance of RFID tag reading.

Among the enhancements over its predecessor, version 2 now fully embraces pharmaceutical and item level tagging with UHF and HF tags, and provides improved support for case and pallet level tagging through the adoption of Gen 2.

Support for many of the industry leading RFID readers has been expanded, and to ensure the widest-scale adoption, a new Reader Interface Development Kit is provided. This kit, a set of software APIs, documentation and examples now enable third party software developers to interface their own RFID readers directly to Instant EPC Hotspot.