Remastering an Album in Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC - Yenra

Album Ready: Early Spring Arboretum

Introduction to remastering an album in Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC - I explain what I'm setting out to do, which is in some cases undo some of the over-processing of the past, also approach photos for the first time. Back in the day (early spring 2012), I prepared and shared 90 photos from 600 shot. I'm starting with a selection of 223, which I'm hoping becomes an album of 200 for Yenra Photography.

When I encounter an area that shows significant difference between the way I used to process and today, I'll speak about the differences and show how I do things today. Problems from the past: over smoothing, removing too many differences. Now I treasure the little differences that make us who we are. Things that are temporary or problems in lighting such as unflattering shadows, you will see me mitigate those.


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Hi, I'm getting ready to remaster an album back from 2012

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I'm going to use some of my techniques and principles that I have today

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I've already made some initial selections and I'm going through to see if I can remove some

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I have 223 now. I'd like to get it to 200.

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I'm going to, in some cases, completely reset the settings of that time

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And then I'm going to build it up again

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A lot of this is going to be in the Develop module. I just wanted to give you an overview of the album.

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This is in the Arboretum with Erika. It was a beautiful beginning, early, early spring.

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It's a beautiful place and Erika is absolutely beautiful.

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It's going to be nice to go back and look at the way I do things now

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what I've learned in terms of processing

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and also what's new in Lightroom in some cases with regard to process

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So in some cases, when I do a reset, I will be rebuilding what I did in the past


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Some of these have not been processed. There were about 90 at the time shared

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and now we're aiming for a 200 album

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I'll be rejecting photos if they're duplicate or if the focus is off, something you really can't fix.

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I'm going into Develop mode here

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Absolutely gorgeous person and place

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I think what we're going to see is that I may have overprocessed back then

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and I'm going to undo that today

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We're listening to music from Evan Schaeffer, an album called Glow.

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It was great to be at the beginning of the warm weather season when everything was just starting to grow

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You can see that this was probably one that had been processed before

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And this is one that hasn't been touched much

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If I open up this panel, yeah the one I said I did a lot on, probably way too much; yeah, look at all those spot removals and brush strokes

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And this one here, nothing, just the import, the update to a process back in 2012, and then an update to the current process.

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When you talk about process, the panel to look at is down here, where the version of the process is.

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Back in the day, it would have been 2010 version; I upgraded to 2012 at some point, now we're on Version 4.

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That changes what the sliders look like and what things are being changed when you make adjustments.

00:02:45.000 -> 00:02:50.000
Camera Vivid is the way I like to shoot. There's a saturation of color that I enjoy.

00:02:51.000 -> 00:02:56.000
If I do a complete reset of settings, it will go off Camera Vivid. I want you to see what that looks like.

00:02:57.000 -> 00:03:01.000
Reset all settings and it kind of looks a little bit more washed out in my opinion

00:03:02.000 -> 00:03:03.000
That's Adobe Standard

00:03:03.000 -> 00:03:08.000
One would think that Adobe Portrait would be good; for me, it's still too bland.

00:03:08.000 -> 00:03:12.000
I like Vivid and I'm going to go right back to Vivid here.

00:03:12.000 -> 00:03:14.000
Actually, that's Camera Vivid version 4.

00:03:15.000 -> 00:03:19.000
There's Camera regular Vivid which I think it moved to

00:03:20.000 -> 00:03:23.000
Because of that saturation there's a darkness too that needs to be adjusted.

00:03:24.000 -> 00:03:26.000
I'm going to open this back this way

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And I'm going to go back to my Basic settings

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And of course I'll start to make adjustments like Exposure here.

00:03:34.000 -> 00:03:35.000
Knock up Shadows

00:03:37.000 -> 00:03:39.000
But that's the kind of saturation I like

00:03:40.000 -> 00:03:42.000
So I'm going to be making a lot of changes

00:03:42.000 -> 00:03:43.000
Some resets

00:03:43.000 -> 00:03:45.000
I just wanted to give you an overview of what I'll be doing

00:03:46.000 -> 00:03:48.000
It was a beautiful day in the Arboretum

00:03:48.000 -> 00:03:51.000
These are the photos I'm starting with

00:03:51.000 -> 00:03:56.000
And I'll make some deselections of those and some adjustments as I go.

Remastering an Album in Lightroom