Yenra : Radio : ReGo : Portable plug and play satellite radio receiver from XAct tunes Sirius, records live programming, and plays MP3 files


ReGo from XAct is a portable plug and play satellite radio receiver that records satellite radio and plays MP3 files through a compact flash card.

The ReGo is the first integrated device to play and record Sirius satellite radio and MP3 music files. XAct Communication has combined a satellite radio receiver, a recorder and a flash card slot all into one portable device. There's no longer a need to carry two or three devices to listen to all of your favorite music, talk shows, news and sports. With the ReGo, you can record up to four hours of live programming and play it back anytime. You can also store up to 1GB of music on flash cards that can be edited on a home computer then plugged into the ReGo's flash card slot or by simply hooking the ReGo up to your PC via the built in USB port.

XAct Communication's ReGo also leads the industry in versatility. Not only is the ReGo wearable and able to receive commercial-free Sirius Satellite Radio anywhere in the Continental US, but the receiver can also be plugged into a home stereo, car audio system, or one of XAct's compatible boom boxes.

"I am extremely excited to launch this product," announced Ben Lowinger of XAct. "With the ReGo, XAct offers the public a multi-faceted device that is nothing like other personal entertainment products on the market. We have targeted the technological needs of a wide variety of music and radio lovers and have created a product that not only fulfills those needs, but surpasses them."