Yenra : Marketing : Recruiting : Innovative way to higher the most brilliant student minds of North America


The Challenge: To create a whole new innovative way in hiring the most brilliant student minds of North America. Whereas traditional recruiting approaches focus on academic performance, athletic abilities, or physical attributes, Project Higher's recruiting focus is based on consistency, positive attitude, helping others, and creative thinking.

Project Hire is inviting students to take part in what is yet the most intriguing and provocative concept of all reality-based challenges. Over 223,000 contestants from across North America have already joined; deadline to become a contestant is February 28, 2005.

Candidates will take part in five online tasks over a 33-day period to compete for 12 positions. The chosen 12 will become part of a select launch team responsible for rolling out new Internet Ventures.

Winning candidates will receive top-level compensation packages comprised of salary, performance bonuses, tuition and comprehensive training programs. The challenge will transform students into exemplary models of success while still in school. Project Higher graduates will come into the employment market with an Internet-business pedigree unmatched by any of their peers.

"I want to help students and young graduates move beyond the job experience "Catch 22" of needing experience to getting a job, but being too young in having any work experience. The Internet era is fact for life for today's students and today's businesses and we want to help Project Higher graduates become the Rhodes Scholars of the 21st Century - doing good in order to do well.

Hence, we are seeking individuals with a desire for success and a passion for learning, who wish to live on the leading edge of technology so that in return we may train these individuals to remain one step ahead of the market. Bringing together a network of committed -students ready to face this ever- evolving environment is a calling that cannot be ignored." (Rocky Mirza, founder