Razor Designed for Shaving Someone Else

Razor Designed for Shaving Someone Else

Before now, a razor designed for shaving someone else didn't exist, but now you can get one for free. Announced October 17, 2017, Gillette recently designed and engineered TREO – the world's first ever assisted shaving razor – to offer a comfortable and dignified shaving experience for the millions of men and women of all ages who, for whatever reason, are unable to shave themselves.

In addition, during what will be a three-month pilot phase, a number of professional care homes and institutions in both markets are also partnering with the brand to trial Gillette TREO samples amongst their many professional caregivers and care recipients. From these thousands of at-home and institutional shaving experiences, Gillette's scientists and researchers plan to collect first-hand feedback to refine the TREO product experience – at launch and beyond.

For the millions needing assistance with day-to-day living, personal care is an important part of maintaining normalcy, confidence, and dignity. However, as part of this, the shaving process can often be a daunting, messy, and difficult task.

Ultimately, it's a problem that impacts a significant portion of the population in the U.S. According to research from Gillette's partner American Society of Aging, over 8 million older adults in the U.S. receive assistance with activities of daily living – including shaving – from family or professional caregivers annually1, and over 34.2 million Americans have provided basic care to adults over 50 years or older in the past year.

In fact, Google estimates that tens of thousands of conversations happen about the demands of everyday caregiving. Inspired by real world conversations just like these, Gillette began its journey of developing and researching a product to address this very emotional consumer need.

During the course of this journey, Gillette discovered a surprising fact – based on U.S. patent filings, over 4,000 razors have been designed for the purpose of shaving yourself, but zero have been specifically engineered for shaving another individual. The team set out to change this. Tapping into rich consumer insights and working closely with caregivers and industry professionals, early prototypes were evolved to get to the Gillette TREO, a razor uniquely designed for assisted shaving.

The Gillette TREO is a dramatic departure from a standard razor, driven by the very different needs of not one, but two, consumers – the caregiver and the individual getting the shave.

The team then designed a new solution with a range of features designed to address the biggest differences:

The Gillette TREO assisted shaving razor has been engineered to provide control, safety and comfort.