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WISeKey, ID Quantique, and OISTE sign a partnership agreement to develop a Quantum Key Infrastructure based on the OISTE ROOT and Quantum Cryptography.

Three leading E-Security organisations in Geneva are joining forces to deploy what will be the first ever integrated Quantum Key Infrastructure.

Today, Public Key cryptography uses a combination of public and private keys to secure, sign and authenticate data on the Internet. In this system, a private key is used together with a public key which in effect solves the central problem of key distribution. However, its security may be vulnerable to future increases in computing power thus challenging encryption algorithms.

Quantum Cryptography (QC) could change that by intrinsically securing key distribution based on fundamental laws of physics. With properly implemented QC, attacking the key becomes virtually impossible, despite increased computing power. Therefore, the combination of the WISeKey and id Quantique products will produce the first Quantum Key Infrastructure based on a Global Interoperable Cryptographic ROOT.

Government departments, banks and financial institutions looking to archive information over ultra secure links are expected to be the first users of the technology. It is also expected that this technology will be used to reinforce the security of E-Voting applications through tamper and eavesdropping detection via a Quantum Channel connecting the central Government's servers with local county servers.

OISTE and WISeKey were the first organizations to establish a Global Interoperable Cryptographic ROOT and to secure a legally binding e-voting project. id Quantique, in collaboration with the University of Geneva, was the first company in the world to distribute an unbreakable key using a quantum cryptography system, an event which took place over a 67 km standard fibre-optic link between Geneva and Lausanne.

"The possibilities of this partnership are mind-boggling as both companies have very complementary know-how and objectives: to develop an unbreakable security system to secure key distribution. With the WISeKey id Quantique solution we finally have a solution for extreme security environments." said Carlos Moreira, President of WISekey.

"Quantum cryptography exploits a fundamental principle of quantum physics - observation causes perturbation - to distribute cryptographic keys with absolute security. id Quantique is introducing the first quantum cryptography system, which exchanges keys over standard optical fibres. We believe that the cooperation with WISekey and the integration of our technology with their PKI infrastructure will accelerate our development process and reduce our time to market cycle." said Gregoire Ribordy, CEO, id Quantique.