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At the beginning of the 19th century, Punta del Este was a vast semi-deserted region only visited by sailors and fishermen. Today this coastal town, commonly referred to as the St Tropez of South America, attracts close to 300,000 visitors each year.

Opposite the large peninsula separating the two waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Rio de la Plata, lie the enchanted islands of Isla Gorriti and Isla de los Lobos, inhabited by one of the world's largest sea-lion colonies.

A night life of endless attractions is also shared by the tourist. Musical and cultural shows, nightclubs where everybody gathers , the excitement of the casino tables and world movie premieres are among some. For gourmet eating, the doors are open to a culinary paradise, because world wide cuisine is available at its best

There are charming corners, within or beyond the peninsula, international restaurants and places for a simple but tasty meal. Attractions also include enchanting bars, pastry shops, tea salons,24 hours supermarkets as well as shopping streets with stores open all night. Summing up, the night of Punta del Este offers a thousand options. The lights in the tall buildings windows , the busy traffic and people everywhere clearly shows that many folks don't sleep until dawn.

For the sports minded, Punta del Este is the ideal tourist center for land or water sports. Surfing, windsurfing, mononautic, boat racing, as well as tennis, golf and polo are very popular. A world presence has been established as a result of the participation of world ranked athletes.

When it comes to competitions, Punta del Este is spotlighted in nautical sports, being a designated port for the world circumnavigation competition, in motor sports with formula auto racing as well as other sports with a great number of tournament and events.