Yenra : Hardware : Rapid Prototyping Platform : System-on-chip solution speeds development and production of dye sublimation photo printers

Rapid Prototyping

A hardware and software development solution for accelerated development of dye sublimation photo printers has been released by TAK Imaging. The SKRRPP-DS rapid prototyping platform (RPP) enables developers to shorten time-to-market, reuse software, and integrate competitive features in printer designs.

"Our new RPP gives designers the most cost-effective tools and solution available to quickly develop a range of next generation dye sublimation photo printers -- from ultra-low cost devices to robust, full featured systems," said TAK's Doug Goodyear.

Powering the new platform is the TAK S1, a highly integrated system-on-chip that delivers industry-leading image processing performance of 2.4 seconds for a four-mega pixel dye sublimation print. Software for direct print application support from PCs, memory cards, and PictBridge enabled cameras, as well as software development tools for the embedded processors are part of the package.

Featuring a highly flexible engine interface for connection to all types of Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer engines, the complete RPP package includes a development board with up to 128 Mbytes of DRAM, connectors for all popular memory cards, USB 2.0 host and device connectors, JTAG connectors for software development and debug, and connectors for LCD, TV out, and keyboard.

The TAK Imaging RPP enables software developers to easily write and debug code on the platform for tasks as diverse as developing a new GUI to supporting a new engine. Easy access to the software modules allow developers to make changes or add features for photo printer designs that support multiple price/performance points using the same underlying hardware and software base.

The SKRRPP-DS ships with a complete set of PC-based development tools, including compilers, linkers, and debuggers for the ARM and VersaRISC controllers for code written in C and C++. The package also includes a compiler, a performance analyzer and a simulator for the integrated Image Processing Engine (IPE) Digital Signal Processor on the TAK S1, enabling developers to fine tune their DSP algorithms for optimal performance. TAK Imaging also provides support to OEMs for development projects by providing schematics, application notes, design tips, and training on hardware and software.

TAK Imaging provides ready-to-customize system solutions including imaging technologies, semiconductors, and software.