Yenra : Energy : WTE : Waste to Energy : 180 tons of municipal solid waste yields 6 megawatts per hour of electricity and thousand of gallons of water


International Power Group has received an exclusive licensing agreement from Naanovo Energy for various countries.

Along with various financial partners brought to the table by International Power Group it was disclosed that presently the number of locations being sought exceeds seven site locations housing over one hundred and twenty modules at an estimated construction cost exceeding three billion dollars.

Naanovo's proprietary Waste to Energy (WTE) technology allows, each module to combust one hundred eighty tons of municipal solid waste per day. Each module reduces the waste to levels that are below 10% its original volume and 20% of its original weight.

(Left to right: Inventor Leonard Strand, Naanovo's Dr. J. Thomas Morrow, and IPWG's Peter N. Toscano.)

A WTE module will generate a minimum of six megawatts per hour of electricity as a byproduct of the process. A natural byproduct of each WTE module is 145,920 gallons per day of distilled water.

International Power Group was formed to address the environmental difficulties of waste management.

Naanovo Energy addresses the needs of the alternative energy, green power, waste to energy, solid waste disposal, and transportation industries.