Yenra : Energy : Power Switches : Voltage mode controller and power switch element integrated into a single chip

Fairchild Semiconductor today announced that Dong Yang Instrument, a Korean manufacturer of power supply instruments and systems for electronic products, has specified Fairchild's FSDH0165D, Fairchild Power Switch (FPS), to power its award-winning TAD137 mobile phone charger used in Samsung cellular phone applications. The FSDH0165D power switch is a voltage mode PWM controller and SenseFET (LDMOS) power switch element integrated into a single chip that consumes just 0.3W, compared to 0.5W for typical alternatives. Dong Yang Instrument has chosen the FSDH0165D for its low power consumption and space saving efficiencies, which are achieved through the use of a 650V BCDMOS process. The resulting advantages are designs using fewer external components as well as an impressive reduction in PC board space requirements. "The FSDH0165D power switch allows us to build a unique product that meets our customers' needs," said IH Cho, executive director of product development, Dong Yang Instrument. "Fairchild's power switch technology enables us to pack the most power into a compact and stylish design, which helps us to differentiate our charger from competitive products."

Dong Yang Instrument chose the FSDH0165D to meet the high quality standards required by Samsung's mobile phone chargers. YM Lee, president and CEO, Dong Yang Instrument, said, "The high efficiency of the Fairchild Power Switch, coupled with Fairchild's outstanding customer support, enables us to offer manufacturers cost-effective systems in compact form factors." He added: "As an additional benefit to our customers, Fairchild is continuously pursuing a competitive strategy to offer price and delivery advantages, even during the mobile phone market's intensive up and down fluctuations."

According to YeongChoul Kim, director of sales and marketing, Fairchild Semiconductor, "The FSDH0165D power switch is an example of Fairchild's vast and growing portfolio of single chip BCDMOS power switches that are tailored to an ever-changing and demanding market."

The low power consumption of the FSDH0165D is an example of Fairchild's approach for meeting international green standards for producing low power consumption products.

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