Yenra : Military : Power of Prayer : POW Safety and Comfort Attributed to the Power of Prayer


Expressions of gratitude and relief resounded across the nation yesterday as America learned of the safe release of seven POWs who had been held captive in Iraq. Friends and family members of the prisoners were quick to credit the power of prayer for the safe return of the troops.

"This is certainly an answer to our prayers and the prayers of literally millions of other concerned citizens of the world," said the family of Private Jessica Lynch, who was the first POW to be rescued on April 1 in a bold nighttime maneuver.

"I let God and the Army work together to bring my son home," said David Williams, Sr., father of Apache helicopter pilot David Williams. "When you believe in God as I do and my son does you know he will come back home safely."

Kaye Young, mother of POW Ronald Young, Jr., said she was comforted by the belief that "If prayer can bring him home, he'll be here. And it did!"

President Bush also voiced the important role of prayer for the heroic men and women fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He said, "A lot of them told me they had been sustained by prayer, been comforted by the Almighty during what had to have been very difficult times. They told me that they felt their prayers had been answered. Prayer is powerful."

The Presidential Prayer Team has been encouraging prayer for our troops and their families even before the start of the war in Iraq. Through its "Adopt Our Troops" effort, one million people signed up to specifically pray for 138,000 troops, by name, every day throughout the war.

For more information, visit the Presidential Prayer Team's Web Site.