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Portable In-Flight Entertainment Server

On October 9, 2017, Telefonix PDT introduced the Encompass All-In-One Server, a portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) server to the business aviation market. The Encompass unit is a robust portable IFE option, providing the ability to stream videos, music and more for a fully operational flight day on a single charge.

The in-flight entertainment and connectivity product provides an entertainment experience in the air for the business aviation market and regional aircraft operators. The Encompass server enables owners and operators to deliver without the expense and certification requirements of a fully embedded system.

The portable server is a hardware only solution designed with 1 TB of data storage (SSD), 12+ hours of battery life, and an enterprise class wireless access point. This open architecture system allows content service providers, airlines, owners or operators to customize software to fit their individual needs. In addition to its content streaming ability, the product also offers an onboard cellular radio that enables data transmission of credit card transactions and data analytics in flight, which is ideal for regional aircraft operators.

The Encompass All-In-One Server can be utilized in myriad applications and the portable unit is easily transferred from one aircraft to another, making it an ideal solution for any aircraft where expensive embedded systems are not economical or necessary.