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Research confirms health benefits that come from the fruit's diverse range of phytochemicals


POM Wonderful has developed a concentrated form of pomegranate antioxidants known as POMx. POMx, already being noted by medical researchers as an important natural ingredient, is so concentrated that only a small amount is needed to obtain an optimal level of daily antioxidants. POMx comes from the same Wonderful variety of pomegranates that are used to make POM Wonderful's healthy pomegranate juices. It also has a similar biochemical profile to pomegranate juice since both contain a diverse range of phytochemicals, of which polyphenols make up a large proportion. POMx is currently an active ingredient in POM Tea, a refreshing, healthy, ready-to-drink iced tea that is available in retail stores nationally.

Biochemistry Professor Dr. Michael Aviram, led a study on POMx published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, explained that "the results showed that POMx is as potent an antioxidant as pomegranate juice and just like pomegranate juice may protect against cardiovascular diseases."

The American Association for Cancer Research published a study that indicates that a daily pomegranate regimen has a positive effect for men with prostate cancer.

Dr. David Heber of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition said that "basic studies indicate that the effects of POMx and POM Wonderful pomegranate juice on prostate cancer are the same. The most abundant and most active ingredients in pomegranate juice are also found in POMx."