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PetitionPetition by Text messaging solution plan has goal to reach ten million supporters of fair trade by World Trade Organization meeting in December.
Cate EdwardsCate Edwards interviewed by teen student reporters covering the campaign trail by speaking to politicians and their families.
Bush TwinsBush Twins photo with Scholastic reporter who writes about small town Ohio visit of the President on the campaign trail.
Al FrankenAl Franken television show covering the political humorist's daily liberal radio program will premiere on the Sundance Channel.
Kate BosworthKate Bosworth actress models DKNY Jeans Rock the Vote t-shirts to encourage political participation by young prospective voters.
Mideast TeensSeeds of Peace Mideast teens selected for potential leadership meet Condoleezza Rice in Washington after summer camp in Maine.
Office PoliticsOffice Politics Tips - How to succeed with others at work.

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