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Plantronics VoIP

Plantronics has launched a comprehensive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) initiative. Plantronics will leverage its technology platform to introduce a superior level of audio performance to a range of VoIP applications for residential, mobile, business and contact center users.

By blending the benefits of wireless and voice technologies to digitally enhance VoIP audio quality, Plantronics headset solutions enable businesses to achieve land line audio quality in their VoIP applications. Today at DEMO, Plantronics will conduct a technology demonstration of a wireless headset and base system for the office with integrated digital signal processing (DSP) technology, softphone compatibility, echo suppression, USB connectivity and VoIP functionality. The featured technology concept will allow users to move away from keyboards and dial pads and instead use their voice to dictate e-mails, initiate telephone calls and execute software commands, whether they are at their desks or down the hall.

Plantronics, with its proficiency in communications technologies, has overcome many of the voice quality issues commonly associated with VoIP. For example, Plantronics' use of DSP technology cancels echo, while its proprietary Call Clarity technology enhances transmission and reception quality to provide crystal clear sound. In addition, noise-canceling microphones in Plantronics headsets eliminate background noise to improve the quality of chat and voice messaging.

VoIP adoption is rapidly increasing as more consumers and businesses take advantage of its convenience and cost efficiencies. By 2009, VoIP could account for 40 percent of the consumer telephone market, predicts the New Millennium Research Council, a telecom think tank based in Washington, D.C. On the enterprise side, Synergy Research Group estimates that sales of Internet-enabled phone systems to businesses will reach $5.3 billion in 2007. Few tools, however, enable users to recognize the full potential of the technology and the breadth of applications available. The enhanced audio performance and embedded "intelligence" of Plantronics' headsets make them an integral part of the transition to VoIP, providing the optimal audio quality and privacy required by businesses, as well as the convenience desired by home users.

With a family of products to be introduced this year, Plantronics will improve voice quality and enable users to easily take advantage of VoIP with applications that suit their individual needs. The company plans to launch the following range of offerings, expanding its line of existing VoIP solutions:

Enterprise - A full range of wireless, analog, digital and wireless headsets and adapters that will deliver unparalleled audio quality, privacy and cost efficiencies for Softphone/Internet Telephony, Web conferencing, and Unified messaging.

Residential and Mobile Consumers - A line of wireless, analog and digital headsets to facilitate crystal clear communications in Chat/Instant Messaging, Softphone/Internet Telephony, and Online gaming

Contact Centers - A line of wireless, analog and digital headsets, in addition to Plantronics' award-winning DA60 USB-to-headset adapter with software, will support new levels of productivity, customer service and cost savings for Softphone/Internet Telephony

More businesses, contact centers and end users are realizing the convenience, cost savings and productivity increases that VoIP offers and are further integrating the technology into their day-to-day communications. As VoIP adoption grows, Plantronics will continue to develop solutions to meet changing consumer needs and maximize the value of VoIP applications.

Plantronics produces communications headsets.