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Piston Twin

A new a high-performance, pressurized, cabin-class, 6/7-seat executive piston-twin aircraft from Aviation Technologies International has been designed for performance, luxury, safety, and a quiet, comfortable cabin environment.

Highlights of RT-700:

RT-700 incorporates several advances in aerodynamics, advanced materials, engine technology and avionics. Its aerodynamic configuration contributes to substantial reduction in weight and drag, resulting in superior performance. Constructed from advanced technology, lightweight and strong materials, RT-700's airframe is expected to have fewer parts contributing to further reduction in weight and manufacturing costs.

An added benefit is a large cabin and an uninterrupted flat floor that extends throughout the entire length of the cabin. The engines are liquid-cooled, single-lever FADEC-controlled, providing greater flexibility in operation, improved economy, and reduced pilot workload. The latest in flat-panel, integrated avionics suite provides unprecedented situation awareness and reduced pilot workload that is previously unheard of in this class of aircraft.

While the primary role of RT-700 is executive transport, it is also designed to be versatile in other roles such as air-taxi operations, fractional operations, light cargo, air surveillance, and as an advanced twin-engine trainer.

Aviation Technologies International designs executive aircraft.