Yenra : Electronics : Panasonic Multimedia Technologies : Ubiquitous networking in the areas of mobile communication, business communication, and home networking

Matsushita, best known for its Panasonic brand products, will exhibit its latest multimedia technologies at ITU Telecom World 2003, October 12-18 in Geneva, Switzerland. Under the slogan of "Panasonic ideas for life," the company will present new solutions and services based on Panasonic's vision of ubiquitous networking in the areas of mobile communication, business communication, and home networking.

As a key player in ubiquitous networking, Panasonic has been developing the necessary IP networks and broadband communication technologies that enable high-speed transmission of large volumes of data to information devices and home appliances. Through the development of IPv6 (Internet Protocol) technology Panasonic foresees the integration of various cellular systems and wireless network systems, forming a continuous, secure and seamless use of wireless networking, thereby creating a variety of new applications and services.

At ITU Telecom World 2003, Panasonic will showcase IPv6 related wireless and wired communications solutions and services based on Panasonic's vision of ubiquitous networking. The Panasonic booth will focus on three main areas:

In the "business communication ideas" area, Panasonic will exhibit new office related equipment and applications based on IPv6 wireless and wired advanced communication systems. The ENUM (tElephone NUmber Mapping) compatible IPv6 Direct IFAX machine is the world's first fax machine to combine ENUM and IPv6 technology, making it possible to send and receive large, detailed images at high speeds. Security technologies that ensure safe office environments will also be demonstrated such as network cameras and Iris recognition security systems (BM-ET300).

In the "mobile communications ideas" area, Panasonic will present its comprehensive R&D technologies in third-generation (3G) mobile communications including base stations for W-CDMA/3G networks, measuring equipment used to evaluate the reception area of W-CDMA/UMTS base stations and devices used in 3G handsets. Panasonic will display some of its latest developments "Beyond 3G" communications such as its 1 seg (segment) terrestrial digital broadcasting receiver capable of digital broadcast reception, allowing handset users to enjoy a variety of interactive services. Panasonic will also showcase its autumn line-up of new mobile handsets. These include the flagship X70 clamshell digital camera phone; the super-mini G50 tri-band (the world's smallest colour display mobile handset) and the G60 with detachable camera. New applications such as face detection technologies, enabling single button image editing of photographs taken with camera-equipped mobile phones will also be demonstrated.

The "home networking ideas" area will feature the introduction of Panasonic's "T-navi" information service, permitting users to perform Internet functions through their digital TVs. Panasonic will also present its AVC Home Server equipped with large capacity hard drive, DVD-RAM drive and memory card slot. The AVC home server can record various television, video and music contents and is networked to other home appliances. Through these two solutions, Panasonic will introduce a variety of home networking applications and services for inside and outside the home.