Yenra : Food : Oreo Cookies Got Milk : Classic dunking treat embossed with trademark of famously successful campaign


Nabisco has placed the popular Got Milk? trademark on one of their most popular cookies -- the Oreo. One of America's favorite cookies will hit shelves nationwide with Oreo packages and cookies embossed with the Got Milk? logo.

"Oreo cookies and milk go hand-in-hand -- literally," says Jeff Manning, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board. "Nothing beats an ice cold glass of milk and an Oreo. It is a classic combination."

"The Got Milk? Oreo union reflects America's passion for dunking Oreo cookies in milk," says Stephen Chriss, associate director of consumer promotions, Biscuit Division, Kraft Foods. "Oreo and milk is a ritual that American families treasure."

From cookie to cultural icon, Oreo has been America's favorite cookie since 1912. And while there are many examples of collaborative marketing in the food industry, few are as interwoven as Oreo and milk. In fact, milk and Oreo have been going steady for years. In 2002, Nabisco's classic Oreo commercial, "Dilemma," was re-released with the Got Milk? tag line.