Yenra : Radio : Omni Cell Radio Base Station : Cost-effective solution to support low traffic areas, such as rural areas, mountainous or hilly terrains, and parks


Ericsson today introduced its CDMA2000 1X omni cell radio base station (RBS) 1140. The RBS 1140 is the newest addition to Ericsson's industry-leading CDMA2000 radio access network product portfolio, which is based on Ericsson's true 3G platform, the Connectivity Packet Platform (CPP).

"The RBS 1140 is yet another example of our commitment to helping operators offer cost-effective 3G services," said Larry Brittain, vice president sales with Ericsson Mobile Systems CDMA. "Ericsson's CDMA2000 product portfolio improves our customers' profitability by reducing costs throughout the network lifecycle, from initial capital purchase through installation, maintenance and operation."

The RBS 1140, built on Ericsson's DV-ready CPP platform, is the latest addition to Ericsson's true 3G solution for CDMA2000. This high performance omni cell can support up to two RF frequencies. The flexible design and industry leading channel element scalability of the RBS 1140 make it a cost-effective solution to support low traffic areas, such as rural areas, mountainous or hilly terrains, and parks. It can fill network coverage holes, and also complement capacity in hot spots. The RBS 1140 shares common hardware and software with Ericsson's other leading RBS products, providing a number of cost saving benefits to operators.

Ericsson's radio and packet switching products, for both CDMA2000 and WCDMA are built on Ericsson's advanced 3G CPP architecture. Leveraging common platforms across 3G technologies enables Ericsson to focus its R&D resources, improve time-to-market and streamline its supply chain, resulting in cost savings and investment protection for its customers. Ericsson utilizes the CPP architecture for multiple products within its CDMA2000 total solution, including the radio access network, packet data serving node, Home Agent, and in the Wireless LAN Serving Node. Shared platforms across CDMA2000 nodes for switching, radio access, IP, services and applications result in reduced operations and maintenance expenses due to fewer spares, less training and a common user interface.

The RBS 1140 is commercially available today and will be shipping for deployment with operators in Q4 2003. Nanjing Ericsson Panda Communications Company Ltd (ENC), an Ericsson joint venture in China, will supply and deliver the RBS 1140.

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Ericsson's total CDMA2000 solution, which includes infrastructure, applications, devices, services and proven market expertise, is optimized for delivering advanced data solutions. Developed by the industry's premier CDMA experts, Ericsson's true 3G CDMA2000 solution offers operators unique performance and cost-saving advantages by leveraging the full strength of Ericsson's expertise in wireless, IP/datacom and Mobile Internet technologies. Ericsson's CDMA2000 solution, based on innovative product design, global platforms and open standards, provides the flexibility operators need to succeed in an always-evolving wireless market.