Yenra : Electronics : High Efficiency OLEDs : Saturated color emission of organic light-emitting diode for full color display and lighting applications reaches record level


A record for green light emission was measured at a very low operating voltage. "The foundation for the success is clearly Novaled's PIN technology using doped transport layers and our proprietary molecular dopant in a full-organic OLED structure" said Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth of Novaled. The company's approach allows a free choice regarding the substrate material for optically optimized devices on highly reflective metal bottom electrodes. Additionally, the PIN diode characteristics enable lowest driving voltages for high luminance, as well as a strong efficiency on a large brightness range.

OLEDs are semiconductors which emit light made from thin layers of organic material only a few nanometers thick.

"Top-emission OLED structures are necessary for more powerful active-matrix displays and the forthcoming lighting applications using non transparent substrates" said Novaled's Gerd Guenther. "With this new performance of its PIN OLED, Novaled continues to be the partner of choice for OLED display and lighting makers".

OLEDs will enable paper-thin, flexible, highly efficient displays with brilliant colors and high contrast. They will usher in a future of ultra flat panel displays as well as a vast array of new lighting applications.

Novaled develops organic light-emitting diode technologies.